About Me!

I’m 24 years old who is trying to survive this crazy world while loving all of my favorite things: my friends, my family, my  boyfriend, creativity, my kitten, makeup, beauty, among many other things…

Nerd much?


I grew up in a small town and went to an incredibly small high school where everyone knew everyone. My normal life changed when my mother of three teenagers became pregnant with my baby sister in my senior year of high school.  I also started dating someone younger than me and I thought we were meant to me so I stayed local when it came to me going to college to survive the relationship as well as help my mom take care of her new baby.

I went to a local community college for two years and I decided it was my time to experience a bit more of life. I wanted to go to school that was far enough that I wouldn’t be tempted to drive home every weekend, but close enough where it wouldn’t be a huge haul driving back and forth for breaks and things like that. I attended Eastern University, which was approximately 4 hours away from my hometown, which was perfect to me, located in St. Davids, PA, a.k.a. 15 minutes outside of Philadelphia and down the street from the second biggest mall in America. HELLO BLESSING AND A CURSE.

I went to school for Public Relations/Communications/Writing, however, when the economy got tough and I couldn’t afford my $30,000+ tuition per year at my small bubble of a private school , I moved back home to Connecticut to try to work full time and save until I could finish my degree.

I worked as a florist for 4 years at a grocery store before college, but when I came back after my third year of school, the only place I could find work at was Target. I tried working my way up in the retail world, but I failed miserably. It was a game I didn’t want to play and the money I was paid was not worth it. I worked in the shoe department for two years and made somewhat of a climb in the ladder, but not enough to survive.

I had somewhat of a mid-20s life crisis while in the back stock room at work one day and I was determined to find a new job. I e-mailed a recruiter that I had been going back and forth with about a possible insurance job, and lo and behold, I received a call the next day for a company just 10 minutes away from me. I started working for The Hartford which most people assume is insurance, but I work in an area where I am servicing clients with retirement plans such as 401ks, etc. I was on a break with my current boyfriend at the time when I started the job in March 2010, but as I started to meet people and let my personality soar, I realized we weren’t meant to be, and we probably should have ended things quite a while ago. I also coincidentally happened to meet an incredible guy just a few cubicles away from me who is now my current (and fantastic) boyfriend.

Adorable, am I right?!

Not too long after I started with the corporate grind, I started getting bored and tried networking through blogs & YouTube and discovered the community of writing, photography, and art through these vices. Shortly after, I decided that this could be my niche and I dove right in. It’s been a process in the works, but I currently review products that are new/not yet discovered, showcase make-up and clothing hauls from shopping in stores or online. I’m in the process of promoting my friend’s side business by reviewing her outside company’s products and also attempting to start doing tutorials and reviews on YouTube. Please e-mail me if you have any personal questions at fromashleyxwithlove@gmail.com or just simply comment on any of my posts!



from ashley, with love.





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